About Yerevan

Having an ancient history and culture, historical landmarks and natural attractions, beautiful buildings, masterpieces of Ancient era, the hospitality of the friendly inhabitants and Armenian tasty cuisine, Yerevan also called ‘City of the Sun and Light’ is Armenia’s capital and the largest city.

Yerevan is full of exciting opportunities for tourist activities and has many places to visit and see. The main must-visit places are concentrated in the central part of the city and therefore, are all easy to reach. Some of the places that always attract tourists with their beauty and glory are the Cascade - opening the beautiful view of the city, the statue of the Mother Armenia that seems to guard the city against, the Opera House with its astonishing architectural solutions, the Republic Square with its dancing and singing fountains, Tsitsernakaberd where the Genocide Memorial can be found, many newly built and ancient churches, Matenadaran – a unique museum of ancient manuscripts, the National Gallery, which is the country’s main art gallery with a rich paintings collection, Parajanov Museum where Parajanov’s inspirational assemblages, collages, drawings, dolls and film sketches are exhibited, the Cafesjian Center for the Arts with the permanent exhibition of the best of Armenian contemporary art, located in the heart of Cascade, Vernissage – an authentic place of Yerevan where tourists can always find a souvenir that will always remind them about Armenia. as well as many more places worth being explored.

The yellow-lighted streets during the evening and night-time, cafes: both indoor and outdoor with smoking and non-smoking areas, cozy patios, high class jazz clubs, where one can experience also listening to Armenian folk jazz music, karaoke and pubs with professional DJs, restaurants offering a large variety of national dishes. The Northern Avenue found close to the Republic Square and the Opera House is one of the primary places where Yerevanians love to gather, walk and just have a good time.

Yerevan is pretty affordable for tourists. Money currency is dram and in general all payments are being made in dram. The exchange rate is daily maintained by the Central Bank of Armenia (check: https://www.cba.am/en/sitepages/default.aspx for exchange rates). Money can be exchanged not only in banks, but also hotels and currency exchange offices, many of which can be found in large supermarkets.

Yerevan is full of buses, so moving around the city is never hard. If you would like a unique experience of travelling within the city, the Yerevan subway would be the best option. All these means of transportation will cost from 100dram. Also lately taxis became an integral part of transportation for a big amount of people, as taxi applications have made the taxi service trusted and cheap.

Climate in Yerevan is highland continental. Yerevan is lucky to have all four seasons with hot and sunny summers, cold and snowy winters, velvet and rainy falls and green and fresh springs. The temperature mainly depends on the month of the year, varying from 0-10 in late fall and early winter.