About Us

The Russian-Armenian University in partnership with the Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Armenia annually organizes Yerevan International Conference for Young Researchers on International Humanitarian Law. The Conference is aimed at creating a sustainable domain for young researchers to discuss the challenges of modern armed conflicts from the perspectives of the International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law. It is a unique platform where the problems in question can be discussed, tackled, and be retooled and refashioned in their answers.

The First Conference took place in April 2007 and since then became one of the most significant events in the region in the sphere of International Law and particularly International Humanitarian Law, recognized as a prestigious scientific event all over the world.

Attending the Conference gives an extraordinary opportunity to meet prominent international experts, gain new knowledge and experience in the field of IHL, as well as to meet young researchers from different countries and create a valuable professional network. The Conference has hosted young researchers and moderators from almost all the CIS countries, as well as from Brazil, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Peru, Serbia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America and different other countries . The Conference creates a floor to debate the most topical IHL issues- such as Status of Private Military Companies and Private Security Companies under International Humanitarian Law, The Status of Non-Privileged Categories of Persons Participating in Armed Conflicts (Unlawful Combatants, Mercenaries, Terrorists, Pirates), Status of Participants of Modern Armed Conflicts, War Crimes and their Contemporary Interpretation, Implementation of IHL Norms and War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity Repression, Interaction between International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law, IHL compliance mechanisms, and others.

The best papers presented during the Conference get published in a special volume.
Every year, the event hosts prominent experts in the field of IHL. Among the special guests of the Conference were Mr. Eric David - Professor at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, the author of Principles de droit des conflits armés , Bruylant, Brussels, 1994, which was awarded the Paul Reuter Prize in 1994. Mr. Marco Sassòli – the Director of the Department of International Law and International Organization and Professor of International Law at the University of Geneva, and Associate Professor at the Université Laval and the University of Québec in Montreal, Canada; who is also a member of the Editorial Board of the International Review of the Red Cross. Mr. Nobuo Hayashi, Ph.D.– Senior Legal Advisor at International Law and Policy Institute (Norway), Visiting Lecturer at UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Vincent BERNARD –the editor-in- chief of the International Review of the Red Cross, a leading academic journal on humanitarian law, policy and action published by the ICRC and Cambridge University Press. François BUGNION- the a Member of the Assembly of the International Committee of the Red Cross since 2010, the Chairman of the Recruitment and Remuneration Commission and member of the ICRC Audit Commission, as well as one of the drafters of the texts of the 1977 Additional Protocols to the 1949 Geneva Conventions. Anastasia KUSHLEYKO - the Regional Legal Advisor for the integration and promotion of international humanitarian law (IHL) in Eastern Europe and Central Asia at the ICRC. Mr.Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov - professor of International Law at Diplomatic Academy ofthe Russian Federation and Vice-President of the Russian

Association of International Law, retired Judge of UN ICTR and ICTR/ICTY Appeals Chamber, Mr. Michael J. Strauss - Professor of International Relations at the Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies in Paris, Ph.D. in international relations and diplomacy at the Centre for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies. Ezequiel HEFFES - the Thematic Legal Advisor of Geneva Call since 2017 and many other prominent specialists.

A survey conducted among former participants, revealed that more than 80 % of former participants intend to return to the Conference. The stated confirms once again that the objective of the Conference, which was creation of a solid forum for young researchers involved in the studies of International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law, has been achieved. The forum is recognized and continues to enlarge the scope of the topics discussed and countries participating.

Achieving effectiveness is an absolute priority. Thus, perseverance, determination, focus on quality and results are of key importance for the Conference as a whole.